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We create and develop a desktop, web or mobile based software according to your needs.


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Software is needed to help your business connect with targeted consumers. Don’t worry, we’ll make the process as easy and fast as possible.


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* Negotiable! We try to calculate as accurately and as reasonably as possible the cost of creating the software you need.


How to calculate ?

The cost of creating software is the number of man-hours spent by our team to complete the software, multiplied by the hourly rate of the development team according to their respective skills. The amount of manufacturing costs is influenced by complexity, hourly fee rates and post-release costs.

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Our team is ready every working day from 08.00 to 15.00 WIT!


Cost Reduction

Coding, development, installation, administration will be done by our team. You can also make other deals to minimize costs.

What are they saying? ?

Client Testimonies

Lebih dari 10 tahun, SMKS YPK TIK SERUI menggunakan aplikasi administrasi sekolah yang di kembangkan oleh Uchupx Solution.

Herlina Br. Surbakti, SE., M.Pd

Kepala Sekolah, SMKS YPK TIK SERUI

Lebih dari 8 tahun, Uchupx Solution mengembangkan Situs Resmi Pemerintah Daerah Kabupaten Kepulauan Yapen dengan sangat baik.


Staff, Humas Kep. Yapen

Uchupx Solution mengembangkan aplikasi mobile untuk memudahkan pendataan dan tagihan pelanggan TV Kabel untuk perusahaan saya.

Aris Batilmurik

CEO, PT. Sekar Arui Mediatama

Best Service Guarantee

24/7 Services

We are always working 24/7 a week. Contact us if the software created has problems.

Not Satisfied?

Notify us within 30 days of installation. Your money will be fully returned.


Still confused about choosing a product? We are ready to help choose the most appropriate software specifically for you. Just by answering the questionnaire!